Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Too Much Sugah 'N Not Enuff Spice

I move too much
I flip flop
I fence
people done walked all over me in my own house and they don't pay rent
done happened one time too many and it ain't making any sense
the road less traveled by? How about the one that ends.

I flower
I sunshine

I am all together too nice
a little too much sugar
and not enough spice

a little too wrong when I wanna be right
a little too blind when I need to see the light
I'm too down to earth, and reserved when I need to take flight
a little too tame when I need a little fight

I'm a little less heroic but I wanna wear the cape
I'm tired of the heart I wanna be the spade
no more smiles of clovers and koolaid
I wanna rain on your parade
Category 17 Hurricane

I wanna be villain because the good guys never win
I wanna drop the piano off the cliff
hear the melodic crash
and then
listen to the keys breaking underneath the wind
I want to grin like the grinch and plot to do it all over again

I wanna shove my mind down your throat
and not just give you a piece of it
because i feel I've been  far too nice
I tell you too much brown sugar
and not enough spice

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