Monday, March 8, 2010

Cyborgs Make the World Go Round

A fashion and life Manifesto

Always wear glitter.
Huge Gawdy earrings were made on the first day of creation and those that do not own at least one pair disgrace humanity and slap God directly in face.
Color is life, live by it, die by it.
Fuck Dick and Jane Everyone is a Dillinger and we live in the Era of Badassetry.
Twiggy is in Hell burning in Dante’s inferno on the 8th level melting like the wicked witch she is.
The curve is everlasting, the twiggy is extinct disappearing before your eyes and replaced by all the Toccara’s of the world.
It is a cardinal sin to wear black on any day you’re not dead or visiting somebody who is dead.
A hyper individual is past the idea of the individual, of the common place. They are the mechanized robots of society.
Being able to think is being able to stand alone.
The hyper real human is a cyborg.
Always pack color.
Know your palette.
You wouldn’t bring a 38 to a gun fight with an AK47 would you? So, go get yourself a grenade & blow some shit up!
Think from inside the box. Everyone’s so busy getting out that you’ll have plenty of space to work & pull
from the past all of which is retro.
The past all of it is retro.
The current is metro (moving retro)
& the future is post metro
The world is a Tinguely place.
They should call is the law of Julia. It sums up everything.
And its opposite solves everything- keep moving.
Robots are replaced with new models. Cyborgs evolve.
Robots die.
Cyborgs find ways to live forever.

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