Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let Me Show You How Monsters Ball

icky poo
doo doo
skip to my lou
i love you
yogi bear and boo boo
rashad and nu nu
intimate voodoo
you do
have a spell on me
no boohoo i smile
dummy did stuffed up with yo infernal kisses
internal blisses
comes to mind when i think of becoming your eternal misses..
"O"'s you caught me "X"'s you misses
hugs and kisses
tummy full of loves u dishes
like a super dummynisen cd of overlord based remixes....
u switches powers that turn me on and electrify me with delishes
and i relishes in your webb u spinned submissive
like a jeanie in a bottle minus the 3 wishes
minus cristina ag-a-larry
i am yo halle berry
lemme show u how monsters ball


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