Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mind Chick (Battle Poem)

I'ma mind chick
into jedi mind tricks
i weave metaphors galore into lifes divine-ment
choke u out with the verbal, ressusate you like the heimlich
this flo b timeless blunt and ruthless like Imus
they raps be trash while mine clash like opposing colors jolting the dead concepts of the mindlesstapping feeling into the spineless
im prime kidd no schmo can blow my optimal I shine kidd!
i laugh at those quasi' modo's
fast as flo jo
to move on my solo dolo
while they raps a nogo and audiences are no show and have been reassigned on consignment
to a new assignment
they raps need some new alignment
get outta here with that dumbshit screaming out "Marco Polo"
Blackstar, Def and Kweli
hard hittinglike ali
raps pretty as halle
(no homo)
where my cipha at?
where my verbal?
hip hop trippn over that hurdle
and the finish line is 1000 feet furthar then before
all i want is rhymes galore
rhymes galore
all i want is rhymes galore

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