Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Last N****

He said I love you.

Go figga...
The last nigga
said the same thing to make my heart beat just a little bit quicker
boom ticka bomb ticka...

Yea, he made my body shiver,
and yea he had me so sprung his internal organs needed replacing
I'd give him both kidneys if need be
and my liver
blind as stevie
signed sealed delivered I was his

saw the rest of our livestoghether after day one
didnt i tell yall i was sprung
fooled me
i be fool.. see
at the time this right here is cool beans
such a cool scene
played a fool one too many times didnt know i was the punch line of the joke

funny ha ha
later had me look back like damn how he fool me...

he told me to hold him down and i did
like i said signed sealed and delivered i was his
he called me i picked up, "whats the biz"
oh you comn round eleven, cool if thats what it is
ten a lady cleaning house making sure everything clean and pristine
eleven im ready waiting to hear my doorbell ring
by 1101 im ready to do our thing
share one dream ifyou know what i mean
but its 12 and u aint o where to be seen
you aint picking up calls or texts or anything
stood me up once again you lied to me and i chose to believe

not hearing from you for days after
u become the master of excuses
the the rhythmn in the music
HIM: the music made me do it
but (laughter)
ME: you did itbecause you chose to do it...
but one of those looks and that embrace
and my angry face
girl its gone to the wind
once again and i was mad to see it go
because if i coulda just pushed past him kissing on my neck'
i could moved on to the next
but i wanted to be blind
so i asked the man tohand me a blindfold
and so i fold and give in to the cycle of the i love you
which is just a synonym for I'm sorry thats just more powerful
so it up close it washes away wrong
if you want it to

(I wanted it to)

I wanted to dance to a rhytmn that wasn't right for me.
and thats where i went wrong
so this new nigga who wants to say i love you
you can't fool me...
you have to show me you mean it
do't tell me apologies for things u intend to keep on doing and have me believe it
because i for one my brutha fa damn sho don't need it!

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