Wednesday, March 3, 2010


if a revolution is to be televised
tell 'em I
didn't get the message
tell 'em my
ears went unprotected utterly terrified
varified by the ringing in my ears
let me clarify I am now
to conception
did you hear me bruthaman
death has manifested
itself in culture
played vulture
to our youth
and picked the bones clean
so that the skeletons of once wholesomehuman beings
lay earrily at the feet of humanity
welcoming the empty dream
with ghostly arms of deja vu
cards on the table texas hold em
I can see your tell
Your left side twitches slightly when your doing well
good revolution I win you lose
bad revolution: What would Adolf do?
good morning vietnam how are you?
death before execution
wake up from electricution
shock therapy
back to life
back to reality
how ever do you want it
revolution is just a formality
the action of change on steroids; juice
be the change you wish to see in the world they say
multiply by two
then you
will have the recipe not for revolt
but the recipe for result
because a revolution can be televised
but if nobodys watchn and the volumes not up
nor is program on the right channell
what does it matter
if everyones in the kitchen fixing a sandwhich
and no ones paying attention?

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