Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LA State of Mind (the poem)

I just wrote down evrthng that came to mind when painting this piece below here... LA STATE OF MIND POEM- By: Amanda Daniels Aka Zelles known as the Poet Truth B Real

(Since I’m doing this late I’m going to write my piece on all the things it makes me feel and all the feelings and ideas I had while painting the piece)

Ebony brown queen Wake up from your dreams.
Fly because you are fly as angel wings
Light me up
Flash dance
Where you rodeo wear
Convertible; let the wind blow thru your hair
Caught in traffic on sunset
Day hasn’t even begun yet
City of dreams and meaning
City of angels full of demons
Everybody has them
Colorful as life is
Nothing is just black and white
But reds browns and yellows too
An amalgam of sun kissed skin
Amid thieves, exotica
Night life erotica
Club hopping and the strobe lights flash
And we drink and we drink and we drink…. We stumble and then we laugh
And we cry as close friends die
You never know when they’ll be a drive by Or when one day might be your last

You never can live forever being a menace to society
Pour a 40 out for a deceased homies sobriety
Full figured
Walking coke bottles
Ticking time bombs of youth
Of earth of dirt of Adam
In truth,
LA is our Eden
But at the same time our tea unsweetened
An old Rome at times
Battered and beaten
But birds of a feather flock together
Live and die in LA
LA confidential
It’s detrimental to your health to go against the grain
Nothing to gain you go for the adrenaline of the street life
The jungles calling you
Say hey to those rich folk in Baldwin hills I’m one of them
In my dreams I’m one of them
In my waking state im one of them in my death im one of them
A Baldwinite?
An angel
I make this city
I exist in this city because I am that city
And even though it’s not pretty all the time
It has its moments
Its twilights and its sunrises and its evenings
Listen to the city
Closer hear heavy how it be breathing
3am and nobody’s sleeping
Labor for that hustle
Breathless skyline
Those are things that comes to mind
When LA comes to mind.

the best coast i give it up for my west coast

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