Monday, March 8, 2010

Sleep is For P*****

too tired to write
talking nonsense yo
late night west coasting
trying to get by
on no sleep
but i can't stop the hustle
hustle or die
die as in to sleep
and to sleep to say we end
and i refuse to give in
and let some other chump chick bite my hustle
when i'm so close to success i can taste it
ill be damned i put so much work into a future
death to complacence
fuck patience
im impatient
i want it now
but i understand i gotta give it til i get it
so no sleepn when you ttrying to get somewhere
thats how folks crash and burn
falling asleep at the wheel
im trying to put on work
never leave yo cup unattended to
competition always trying to slip you that ambien
find yourself in an ambulance
kweens like me avoid the ann boyeln
all politics like VietNAM Ho Chi Minh and Berlin
I dont play that tricky dick shit
nor do i let the king ax me
i run my kingdom
i run my ship
and to them
i could give a fuck less
looking at em driving by hatin' in a hooptie
while i wave at em from the cutlass
life is up for the must get
so i davy crockett
and go for me musket
and blast off like a rockett
joan dillenger
lyrical machine guns at the ready
ever so softly killin ya
verbal artillary: heavy
black betsy
dont think im wit it test me
jigsaw mentality
raw self centrality
no shame
step in this ring
wear a raincoat it gets messy
hustlns a messy job tho
but somebodys gotta do it...

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