Monday, March 8, 2010

Despite the Odds

today i found out that my mr. right now
was mr. right.
cleared his busy schedule to be with me all day
and not expected; to my surprise
learned something about me
that was so deep in my closet i thought i forgot about it
and instead of running away he stayed right there
didn't flinch, didnt blink, said that i should think
of it as something that makes me, me
and i wouldnt be ther person i am without it
and through the stubborn tears that rolled down my face
fearing he would leave like all the rest
to the best
of his ability he gave me a ginuine smile
saying he wasn't planning on going anywhere for a while
if ever
and i drifted to sleep
in his arms
for what seemed like almost half of forever
listening to the rain beating against my windows
realizing that in this world
despite the odds
i am loved

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