Monday, March 8, 2010

He Makes Me

he makes me think about the next day
the sun sets on the very day
that i'm
day dreaming
about him
he makes me
want to let my hair down
call off of work
and clear my schedule
"Plans? what plans? I'm free"

he makes me want to loose my mind like its the thing to do
like being ideocentric is synonymous for normalcy
in those idol hours of intimacy
i think to myself,
i was nevr supposed to fall in love
i was never supposed to let myself feel this vulnerable
but again here he is
and again here i am
and we both are there in the same space
sharing each others air
the only thing i can hear is the dreams beside me
this is crazy
i should be institutionalized
both of which i already am
i roll over and stare into the darkness
wondering how long will it last
and just as quickly as that thought came
another came to overpower it telling me to live in the now
the moment is the only quitessential thing that is necessary
and breathing

i listened to the internal debate of myself for my self
and realized that
he makes me want to run out in the rain with no raincoat
crawl across the dessert with not a drop of H2O
you think oh
she must be insane
but it is he that makes me so.

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