Monday, March 8, 2010

Empowered Poem (Untitled)

woman tell me why they
are not strong enough
tell me why they say you are to be subservient
tell me why they refuse to let me through this glass ceiling
even though i know i be desrving it
woman you can give your opinion
but that doesnt mean at all in any way that youve been heard
im steady observing this
that every time i try to give it to em all the way strait
from 0-60 in 60 seconds they wanna grab my wheel like its the thing to do and swerve
fuck up my path and have me flip off the overpass on a curve

fuck you mighty man
cuz gawd put a wo before my name
power like WHOA
forget your mannish
you've lost your manners
and oh
lose my number
class one clinger your incessant calls drivn me bannerz
and bruh i need my space
I will not let you dumb me down and follow your destruction to the grave
i am not a trophy for you to put up on display

awake me from this idol slumber
let me be not no numb-er
then i portray to be
image is weakness is what is seems
"bring that coca cola bottle over here" says he
and me? I say "excuse me, are you talking to me?"
and he says "girl you a tall glass a water and Im thirsty"
society makes it seem like
i need to be shaken up
like a martini
put a garnish on me and make me look nice
send me out there on a platter wearing only a bikini
so i can be objectified
thats what they do right
parade us for the enjoyment of their eyes
their pleasure
we are to be
intricately accessorized
machine like
stepford wife
something that can be replaced
if he should like

society then says that
we are built to be a part of their lives
their lies
we are to be a prize
you looked shocked
this should come as no surprise
yes sweety
a trophy til you die
let him polish you up when he's not busy
so when his friends come by
they too can marvel at the v cut of your collerbone the outline of your behind and the thickness of your thighs
with each look by unwanted eyes your brilliance is slightly dimmed, more confined
repeatedly subjectified dying little by little over time
only you know what for you is essential
and you cannot fully shine
if you do not realize your own potential
women you are instrimental to lifes symphony
you are the conductor, the maestro-ette, the writer
you are the pro lifer
you supply the world with population
the world is your candle and you are the lighter
illuminate the world with your power
do not let a man establish your worth
go forth,
sweet flower, bloom, and pollenate the earth

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