Monday, March 8, 2010

Training Day

they told me that i wasnt ever gonna make it
told me that id never get to see the top
but now im standing on the mountain looking down
telln em i can't hear you anymore
because your negativity is out of earshot
negative nancsy better close yall mouth
mess around and catch flies
thats what my grandpops used to say
killing em with kindness
and pay them no never minds
when you get in to that dark place dont dwell in it
think of better times
so thats what i did
prayed for god to develop my gifts
so i can i make a better life
so i
make art and i
and every brush stroke i put on my canvas
gets me a lil closer to the end of the tunnel
i can almost see the light
i no longer hear your gonna be just like your mother
go to jail just like your brothers
die just like ya sisters
dammit i put blisters
on my hands to make sure i didnt end up in the same positiion
ill be dammed if i end up on the same path
cuz i didnt listen
never knew my father but the men who raised me
gave me a chance to be different
put the whoopn on that ass
and low key saved me
from continuing the cycle of self distruction that ran in my blood like a disease
so i look down from that mountain top with mixed feelings glad that i made it yet surprised to succeed
screaming at the top of my lungs "KING KONG AINT GOT NUTHN ON ME"
fell to my knees took a minute to breathe
and then things became clear
it wasn't over
looking higher I wondered, "Where do I go from here"?


1 comment:

  1. Hey Lil Cousin!

    Keep Ya Head Up! Keep doin you!!! "GOD" is watchin! And "God" will continue to protect you with your many talents! I'm PROUD of you Lil cousin! Love You!