Monday, March 8, 2010

Get Well Soon Hop Hop

killn time
killn bars
killin kush
killa cars
killn near
killin far
killin niggas
this rap shit can be a killah
thats what they front up
run up on you
with their fake bullshit raps
embrace a brutha in the same trap
passin hoochie cooter mamas
taking there attention for a minute
caught in the relverie
snapping out of it
bruh one says to bruh two
yea i'd hit that
and on goes the cycle of downward mobility
"check, check out my melody"
parading around foolish ideas and flauntin felonies

sound waves deliever the message of what it is is to stay trill
flashing yo fake diamonds and rent a grills
across the camera
when baby moms cant even pay the light bills
teachin they daughters how to be tip drills
industry flambay: sizzle and die: inexpensive fame hungry cheap thrill
too fake to be real
but the soldier boy waka flocka cats like, "he did it!? awww hell, i can do it too!!!"
yea they can if they give all whack ass niggas like you a gimmick and a deal

i tend to be
how you living
one hunnit
hip hop
nevr claim to be a stunna i dont want it
i cant stand the culture
everybody clings to you like vultures
pick at you til theres nothing left
rappers need to step up they bars about their guns and money heists concepts
make me wanna foxy brown lose the gift of sound: go deaf

hip hop smashing on you
eliminate you in one breath
i need evolution in my ears
it dont have to be right as in riteous or stay left
i just dont want no borderline commercial "On to the next"
i didn't say go non secular
just back to basics break it down to the molecular
build it back up
just would like to hear better gospel
rappin bout the same old same is gettin docile (dossil)
easy does
eazy does it
easy doing
easy is
easy biz
easy eats
easy beats
easy lives
im tired of these easy kats
gettn over on these kids
rippn em off tryn to pass wack music as the biz
can we get back to the roots
the elements
and the elemental truth
hip hopism as a religion
to get godly spittn in the booth?
can we melt the barbies in this uncuth plastic movement
with napalm then bury them deep in cement blcks
i want to get a one on one psychological sessions
"tell me nicki what do you see in this ink blot?
do voices tell you to talk like a dysfunctional robot?"
I wanna get into their heads to see
why they dont get the message
and why this cool to be ignorant idea was manifested
no need to confess it the labor shows the product
hip hop was an innocent bystander
in the war between society and rap
and it just got caught up
after the verbal gunfire
i rode with you in the ambulence
while they tried to bring you back to life
got hopeful when they told me you were weak but managed to survive the damages
and so i
write you a get well card
and hope one day in the very near future
you can take off your bandages
because the rap game is in a state of emergency
an SOS call has been sited
and hip hop needs to answer it
rap is sick itself
a ticking time bomb
and only the pureness of hip hop can dismantle it

get well soon hip hop
the game needs you

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